Dental Care: A Vital Fact of Life

Your mouth is very close to your brain, and any infection or inflammation in your mouth can quickly migrate into that mysterious gray matter up there. We all hope that our brains will last us our entire lifetime and continue to function with clarity and vigor until the end; we should all hope the same for our mouths.

What damages our teeth and gums??

1. Poor nutrition, lack of flossing and brushing, and foregoing dental visits.
2. Using tobacco in any form – Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, etc.
3. Neglecting to treat any sores or injuries.
4. An overabundance of antibiotics, especially during childhood, which can turn teeth from white to gray.

To help avoid many of these issues, proper dental care is a vital part of living a healthy life. When it comes to physical care, it is important that one flosses daily, or more if food becomes lodged between the teeth, along with brushing 2-3 times daily. The routine should be finished out by swishing with mouthwash; some mouthwashes now contain peroxide, which can be helpful in performing a thorough cleaning.

When it comes to oral care, the tongue is another thing that is often overlooked, even though it harbors quite an assortment of bacteria, which can cause bad breath, and can even prevent a person from tasting food accurately. Although many dentists in Salem OR will tell you not to brush your tongue when you are brushing your teeth, they might recommend that you scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper instead.

According to the Oregon Dental Association public resources page, proper dental care also includes check-ups and cleanings twice a year ,and many health insurance policies provide coverage for these procedures. Some provide it for free, while others have a decently affordable deductible. If you have insurance, check with your carrier for help finding a dentist who is covered by your plan, and obtain details on the policy coverage.

Taking good care of your mouth is also especially important for those who suffer from other health conditions, such as seizures, diabetes, heart problems ,or liver disease, as sick mouth can be a source of or contributing factor toward any number of disorders.

Basic dental care is a recognized part of a wellness program ,and is often even offered through Medicaid, and should always be used as a part of your complete wellness efforts. Just like you visit the doctor to make sure everything is right with your body, it’s important to visit the dentist to make sure everything is right with your teeth and gums. Make an appointment to see a good dentist, and start taking better care of those pearly whites.

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